Welcome to Cerebrum DAO, an open global community collectively sourcing and nurturing solutions to advance brain health and prevent neurodegeneration with a focus on tackling Alzheimer's first.

Original image courtesy of The Human Connectome Project

Our bodies are outliving our brains

6.7 M

Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s disease


Increase in Alzheimer’s cases by the year 2050


Unpaid care providers for people with the disease


Estimated cost to the USA economy by 2050

The human brain is the final frontier in healthcare. With populations aging in many nations across the world and health interventions extending lifespan, we now face the challenge of our bodies outliving our brains.

We’re harnessing the power of a global community to accelerate solutions in preventing neurodegeneration and extending brain health and longevity.

Cerebrum DAO is building the world’s largest engaged community focused on enabling scientific breakthroughs that prevent the onset of neurodegeneration and extend our healthy brain years. We’re connecting an expansive network of researchers, industry partners, and neuroscience supporters through the power of decentralized collaboration and transparent governance to accelerate solutions for some of science’s most complex challenges.

For researchers

Get funding and translational support for your neuroscience research project

Cerebrum DAO primarily funds translational research in the fields of advancing brain health and preventing neurodegenerative disease. We are seeking moonshots and novel approaches that may extend overall healthy brain span and prevent or reverse the onset of neurodegeneration. Researchers can apply for funding or join our community to help translate and advance funded projects.

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Support scientific research and help us govern the DAO!

Cerebrum DAO is funded by the sale of tokens to members of the public who seek to fund and support our mission. People interested in contributing to Cerebrum DAO and participating in the governance of the DAO, including what research we decide to fund, can join our token sale waitlist. We expect to announce a date for our public token sale soon.


Join an open community that rewards meaningful work

We are a community-powered research funding and translation engine accelerating solutions to neurodegeneration and extending brain longevity. Our community of brain health enthusiasts contributes a diverse array of skills and expertise to our mission, ranging from marketing, funding, and operations, to hardcore neuroscience. Join us – we value your contribution!