DAO Structure

Community working groups are where you can make a difference!

Decentralized global network organizations bring people with diverse talents together to pursue a common mission. We empower our global community to make a difference and an impact via our working groups. Match your passion and talents to our working group opportunities as described below.

Coordination & Operations

Focuses on the operations and governance of the DAO, ensuring that the communication and decision-making between members is seamless.

Governance, Technology & Product, Tokenomics, Finance, Legal

Community & Awareness

Focuses on the marketing, community management, and growth of the DAO through external communication and business development.

Awareness, Community Engagement

Neuroscience Dealflow

The neuroscience deal-flow group unites domain experts in the fields of molecular neurosciences, neurophysiology, and neuroimaging, as well as experts in drug development, neurotechnology, medicine, biotech, and digital therapeutic investors. The group defines current focus areas, scouts and reviews projects for funding, assesses their translational potential, and conducts due diligence. If the project passes the initial check, one group member is assigned to assist researchers with further steps.

Neuroscience, Deal Sourcing, Deal Execution

Core contributors

Meet some of the amazing members behind Cerebrum DAO!

Brian Magierski
Founding Steward, Coordination & Operations WG Interim Steward

Co-founder and CEO of 21 Impact Labs and the developer of the soon-to-be-released Xponetiq app for optimizing brain potential. Serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO/COO of multiple software startups, Brian has successfully raised multiple rounds of VC/PE capital and bought and sold businesses, including the exit of a $340m software startup to a publicly traded company. A passionate advocate for brain health, he is driven by his youngest daughter, who has Down syndrome, to accelerate solutions and cures for Alzheimer’s disease.

Liwaa Chehayeb
Community Engagement & Awareness WG Steward

Liwaa has over 9 years of experience in the financial industry, as well as with over 7 years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2016. He has worked on projects of varying scales and companies ranging from crypto startups to the biggest bank in the UAE, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). Liwaa is a certified blockchain expert with a master's degree in Crypto & Blockchain from the University of Nicosia (UNIC).

Dr. Maryna Polyakova
Neuroscience Dealflow WG Steward

Maryna uses neuroimaging, neuropsychological testing, and machine learning to improve early diagnostics of PPA. She works at the Foresight Institute, leading the Neurotech Tree project as they build a new roadmap for the future of neurotechnology. She is also a lecturer at HTW Berlin and the University of Leipzig and Max-Planck Research School, where she teaches an introduction to medicine, with a focus on digital health.

Mark Melnykowycz
Dealflow Architect & Neuroscience Member

Mark has a background in materials science and wearable sensors and gradually became fascinated with UX and product design with brain-computer interfaces. He is excited with the potential to create new science structures using DeSci and LLMs for a sustainable future. Mark styles himself as an artist-engineer, having broad visions inspiration with an understanding of the engineering tools needed to get stuff done in reality.

Yatan Blumenthal Vargas
Operations, Coordination & Neuroscience Member

Venture Builder, Organization Designer, Startup Accelerator, Mindful Leadership Coach, Alzheimer Parent Caretaker, VC Partner. Yatan have been working for 10+ years on helping early-stage startups get from zero to one and for the last few years has gotten interested in brain health for family reasons and wanted to bring more options that give hope and move the needle to the market.

Heloise Taillet
Dealflow Lead & Neuroscience Member

Heloise is based out of Miami, and comes from an investment background - with experience across VC, M&A, and family offices. She has a degree in Economics and Mathematics from Columbia College, Columbia University. She was also part of the team at Saltwater Capital, handling acquisitions and VC investments for the family office of Uber's first CEO, Ryan Graves.

Katherine Titterton
Researcher, Scientist, & Neuroscience Member

Katherine is a bicoastal San Francisco/NYC-based scientist, artist, athlete, and neuroscience research professional passionate about uncovering the mysteries of life and making science accessible to all. She has a BA in Cellular Neuroscience and Mathematical Systems Biology from Colgate University. She is continuing her work on neurodegenerative disease modeling and assay development in industry.

Seth Kattapong-Graber
Research & Neuroscience Member

Seth Kattapong-Graber is a PhD student in Jean Hébert’s lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx. He is working on a project to test the proof-of-concept of progressive brain replacement using reverse-engineered iPSC-derived fetal cortical tissue to replace dysfunctional and degenerated adult neocortex. He is currently working to compare hiPSC-derived fetal cortical tissue cells differentiated in culture to primary fetal cortical tissue cells using scRNAseq analysis.

Join our engaged global community and contribute to the future of brain health and longevity!

Community FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions from the community, updated regularly.

What is a DAO?

The DAO acronym stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. However, many DAOs are not autonomous, nor do they have to be. We think of a DAO as a network organization that coordinates transparently using blockchain ledgers and tokens to work toward a common goal. Successful DAOs can coordinate capital and talent globally and sustainably to achieve a shared mission. The use of blockchain ledger technologies allows the Cerebrum DAO community to govern itself in a fair, transparent, and global way, by providing a tamper-proof, verifiable, and trustless voting mechanism.

What is a BioDAO?

As defined in a blog posted by Molecule AG, - a BioDAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) that specializes in harnessing the collective efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders to expedite the development and distribution of biotechnology products and services, spanning from early concept to market. BioDAOs fund and incubate projects during the initial stages of translational research, often through IP-NFTs, before a company is established. While venture studios, corporate venture arms, and venture philanthropies share similarities, BioDAOs stand out as community-owned and operated entities.

Who is in the Cerebrum DAO Community?

The Cerebrum DAO community aims to be a diverse group of people located around the world, united by their passion for brain health and ending neurodegeneration. We seek to attract people with backgrounds in neuroscience, neurodegeneration research, biotechnology, bioinformatics, company building, legal, fundraising, Web3 community building, Web3 token development, design, marketing, and software development to help grow our community and grow the value of Cerebrum DAO.

How can I join and contribute to the Cerebrum DAO Community?

There are several ways to join and begin contributing to Cerebrum DAO. You can follow us on X (formally Twitter), or join our Discord community server where you can participate in discussions about funding projects on our discussion portal. Within the Discord community and discussion portal, you can contribute to Cerebrum DAO and become eligible for compensation for value added. If you would like to provide funding to the DAO and receive governance tokens to vote on which opportunities Cerebrum DAO funds, please sign up to join our waitlist.

How can I apply for funding?

If you have an interesting research proposal or early-stage digital health or biotech venture in the field of brain health, you can submit a funding application here.

Will Cerebrum DAO launch a token?

Yes, Cerebrum DAO plans to offer a governance token to the public. Token purchases will provide funding to the Cerebrum DAO treasury to enable the DAO to fund research in the brain health space. Token holders will have voting rights to determine which projects receive funding from Cerebrum DAO.

Still have questions?

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