Token Utility

Plug-in to the power of the Cerebrum DAO network

Cerebrum DAO Governance

NEURON tokens provide holders with governance rights in Cerebrum DAO. Your NEURONs can be used to vote on key DAO decisions, including voting on IP and equity investment opportunities and key terms, core DAO policies such as compensation plans, fund raising, partnerships, board roles, and treasury management.

Exclusive Access to IP Token Investments

NEURON holders will have early access to future funding for IP-NFT projects initially funded by Cerebrum DAO. The DAO will fractionalize the IP-NFTs over time, allowing NEURON token holders to invest directly into the project by buying IPTs. By doing so, we provide NEURON holders exclusive access to our most promising opportunities early.

Registry and Clinical Trial Participation

As Cerebrum DAO grows its network and portfolio of promising translational research opportunities, our NEURON token holders will have exclusive access to be included in patient recruitment registries and clinical trial participation in our most promising therapeutic opportunities. The DAO will provide NEURON holders with data management to assist in identifying trial participants. Wallets holding NEURONs for the longest duration will be prioritized first.

Early Access to Therapeutics

As Cerebrum DAO’s IP portfolio opportunities translate into clinical trials and eventual regulatory approval worldwide, we will seek to enable our NEURON token holders to get exclusive and discounted access to the first wave of therapeutics to come to market. Wallets holding NEURONs for the longest duration will be prioritized first.

NEURON Tokenomics

Token FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions from the community, updated regularly.

Why a DAO?

Cerebrum DAO operates on the principles of decentralization, community governance, and democratic decision-making. We provide community support from our network of engaged individuals all over the world who may offer expertise, collaboration, and advocacy as the project develops. From the inception we are interested in developing your project to the stage where it demonstrates potential value and impact for people in the field of brain health. Our goal is to fund research that leads to real world impact outcomes. If the milestones are hit and medical impact and outcome value is clear, we are here to support you as a community in every way - funding, science, translation, data, trial participation and beyond - for the long haul.

Who can contribute?

Cerebrum DAO is a mission-driven community open to everyone interested in fighting neurodegeneration and extending our brain longevity. Our members cover a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and professions. 

In terms of funding, we are more interested in the quality of the project than its career stage. We are currently looking for projects that have translational potential and that have already acquired preliminary data on a promising target specific for neurodegeneration and/or brain longevity. From the experience of the other DAOs, proposals like these come from PIs having their own lab. If you are an early career researcher, you might consider finding a lab where your project can be developed over a longer period.

How does your research focus differ from other funding organizations?

Historically, the focus of research has predominantly centered on misfolded proteins as the primary cause of neurodegenerative diseases. It is hard to find any research area that would not see amyloid or tau accumulation as the origin of the disease. Nevertheless, anti-amyloid antibodies brought to the market recently have only moderate effects if applied to early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. While we wait for anti-tau trial results, we believe that time is not on our side. We need to stimulate the development of alternative hypotheses and test their validity. 

What projects are you funding?

At Cerebrum DAO we believe that neurodegeneration is irreversibly tied to aging and we are looking to accelerate research areas that target the processes involved in both aging and neurodegeneration. Our first focus areas are (neuro-) inflammation, metabolic stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and vascular changes, with a focus on Blood-Brain Barrier dysfunction. 

We seek to fund research on promising targets with translational potential either in the field of diagnostics or therapeutics, which can be both digital and molecular. For promising therapeutic targets we hope to see proposals with a large effect size shown at least in one or two animal models or human samples. For promising diagnostic biomarkers, we seek proposals whereby a disease-specific biomarker might be used for early diagnostics. 

The research project needs to show a sound theoretical background and include a minimum of pilot data. We welcome both preclinical and clinical studies with a well-developed translational outlook. If you have or know of a solid proposal on biomarkers or disease diagnostics at the early stage, please complete the proposal page below.

Any more questions?

Join our Discord server and use the dedicated channel to ask your questions and get them answered by our community.

Support scientific research and help us govern the DAO!

Cerebrum DAO is funded by the sale of tokens to members of the public who seek to fund and support our mission. People interested in contributing to Cerebrum DAO and participating in the governance of the DAO, including what research we decide to fund, can join our token sale waitlist. We expect to announce a date for our public token sale soon.