Token Utility

Plug-in to the power of the Cerebrum DAO network

Cerebrum DAO Governance

NEURON tokens provide holders with governance rights in Cerebrum DAO. Your NEURONs can be used to vote on key DAO decisions, including voting on IP and equity investment opportunities and key terms, core DAO policies such as compensation plans, fund raising, partnerships, board roles, and treasury management.

Exclusive Access to IP Token Sales

NEURON holders will have the right to determine who gains exclusive early access to future funding for IP-NFT projects initially funded by Cerebrum DAO. The DAO will fractionalize its IP-NFTs over time, allowing NEURON token holders the right to determine who can directly purchase these IPTs. By doing so, we provide NEURON holders exclusive access to our most promising opportunities early.

Discounted Access to Brain Health Products

Cerebrum DAO seeks to source, partner with, and develop compelling brain health products and solutions for its community that are grounded in science and evidence of impact. These products will be made available early to NEURON token holders and at discounted pricing. Moreover, opportunities to contribute to the advancement of these products will also be available in exchange for NEURON token rewards.

Early Access to Therapeutics

As Cerebrum DAO’s IP portfolio opportunities translate into clinical trials and eventual regulatory approval worldwide, we will seek to enable our NEURON token holders to get exclusive and discounted access to the first wave of therapeutics to come to market. Wallets holding NEURONs for the longest duration will be prioritized first.

NEURON Tokenomics

Token FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions from the community, updated regularly.

Where can I buy NEURON token?

You can buy NEURON token on Uniswap here.

What is the difference between the private sale, public sale, and secondary market trading?

The NEURON token was made available to selected strategic partners in a private sale to raise initial operating capital. The public sale was hosted on the BIO Launchpad, where anyone could participate to secure NEURON at the auction price. The NEURON token is now available for secondary market trading in a liquidity pool on Uniswap, where everyone can buy tokens. Click here to safely buy NEURON token on Uniswap.

What’s the circulating supply after the initial NEURON public sale event?

The total supply following the sale will be 38,700,000,000 Neurons which is 45% of the total supply.

On which exchanges will NEURON be listed for secondary market trading after the public sale event?

The token will initially be listed on Uniswap for trading, and later on other exchanges as well.

What are the utilities of the NEURON token?

First of all, there is data utility, which possibly will include monetizing one’s data later on. Additionally, there are governance benefits to steer the direction of the DAO. Finally, token holders will get access to brain health products and services & early access to products & services.

Where can I find the NEURON whitepaper?

You can find the NEURON whitepaper in our resource hub.

Which blockchain will NEURON operate on?

The token will initially operate on Ethereum. Currently, L2s are also being explored for later deployment.

Any more questions?

Join our Discord server and use the dedicated channel to ask your questions and get them answered by our community.

Support scientific research and help us govern the DAO!

Cerebrum DAO is funded by the sale of tokens to members of the public who seek to fund and support our mission. You can participate in the governance of the DAO and help determine what research we fund by buying NEURON tokens and voting on proposals. Join the NEURON token auction on's Launchpad below.