The advantages
of a DAO

Collective decision-making

All members are invited to vote on governance and funding proposals using an on-chain, token-based voting system. Cerebrum DAO is steered by the collective Wisdom of our skilled and diverse community.

Individual thinking

Our members proactively contribute ideas and skills in line with their individual abilities and professional backgrounds, and anyone is able to put forward proposals that advance our overarching mission.

Complete transparency

On-chain governance ensures complete transparency across proposals, votes, and even the funds and transactions in the DAO Treasury.

Streamlined funding & support

A decentralised, tech-empowered organisational design allows our Working Groups to build in the open and move quickly - enabling more efficient funding and support than traditional models.

How we advance Neuroscience Research through funding and translational support

Our funding and translational support flywheel begins with community consensus on which projects we support: Funds are allocated to the most promising candidates, with the objective of assisting these projects toward eventual commercialisation of the resulting research IP.

The IP from these projects is tokenised using the IPNFT protocol, ensuring equitable distribution of license and governance rights to the Cerebrum DAO community. IP may be licensed to companies interested in developing new therapeutics, or our team of company builders may spin out these discoveries into entirely new entities - neuroscience startups set to revolutionise the future of brain health and longevity.

The proceeds from licensing are distributed between the researchers and the DAO - empowering scientists with a way to directly benefit from their work, and priming Cerebrum DAO capital to channel back into more groundbreaking science.

our Governance Token

Cerebrum DAO community conducts all governance decisions by voting on community proposals and achieving consensus. Proposals are submitted by any Cerebrum DAO community member through Discourse abiding by certain criteria and format. Proposals are voted on by using a token-based vote mechanism. This is all governed by Cerebrum DAO Tokens NEURON which act as the core utility token for the whole ecosystem.

Cerebrum DAO Funds Neuroscience

Get funding for your Neuroscience Research

Cerebrum DAO is a global community-powered network geared to finding, funding, and translating research to real-world outcomes in the massive field of brain health and longevity

Simply "Apply for Funding" by clicking the button below and go through the application process. We then review the application and get back to you within 6-8 weeks depending on the pipeline and nature of the submission.


Join an open community that rewards meaningful work

Together, we can make a difference. Join Cerebrum DAO community in our mission to accelerate Neuroscience research and bring hope to millions worldwide. Everyone can have an impact, we welcome you to take part in this journey towards a better future.